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    Endowments Funds Created on Behalf of Faculty and Staff Members

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    Barrington Service-Learning Endowed Scholarship Fund for Engineering
    Costello Robertson Family Scholarship Fund
    Russell W. Ehlers Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Christopher and Deborah Finch Endowed Fund
    May Futrell Scholarship Endowment for Graduate Nursing Students
    Dean Richard W. Ivers Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Saul & Gertrude Kaplan Endowment Fund
    Leo F. King Scholarship Endowment Fund
    Professor Patrick D. Krolak Innovation Scholarship
    Jen Shinobu Lai Endowed Scholarship Fund
    R.J.K.B. Lemoine Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Malloy - Grossman - Davis Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Ada and Stuart Mandell Endowment Fund
    The Mary, Joan, and Nancy Endowed Scholarship for Courage and Compassion
    Stephen McCarthy Medical Device Design Competition Endowed Award
    Joey Mead Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Martin T. Meehan Chancellor's Educational Excellence Fund
    Alice and Martin T. Meehan Sr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Martin T. Meehan Chancellor's Music Scholarship
    Ashwin Mehta Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Moloney Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Gary Mucica '71 Golf Scholarship Endowment
    Gary and Sally Mucica Management Endowment Fund
    Raymond O. Normandin Memorial Endowment Fund
    Kathy O’Neil Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Stephen Orroth Plastics Engineering Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Brenda Atwood Pinardi Endowed Scholarship
    Plastics Faculty Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Vidya Ratan Puri Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Rekha Janmejai Puri Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Narendra Kumari Puri Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Dr. Susan M. Reece Graduate Nursing Scholarship Diversity Fund
    Philip F. Riley '86 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Professor Dominick A. Sama Endowed Scholarship
    Nick Schott Plastics Engineering Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Professor Bernard and Yana Shapiro Endowed Scholarship
    Dean Janice M. Stecchi Scholarship Endowment
    Profesor Charlie Steele Memorial Endowment Fund
    Randy Swartz Memorial Scholarship Endowment
    Dean Robert H. Tamarin Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Amad and Alexa Tayebi Plastics Engineering Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Ting Civil Engineering Discretionary Endowment
    Henry E. Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Sukant K. Tripathy Memorial Endowed Fellowship Fund
    Sukant K. Tripathy Endowed Memorial Lecture Fund
    Sukant K. Tripathy Professorship Fund
    UML Faculty and Staff Scholarship Endowment
    Undergraduate Research Co-Op Scholars Program
    University Advancement Endowed Schoalrship Fund
    Krishna & Aruna Vedula Endowed Scholarship Fund
    David H. and Peggy Wegman Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Jack Wilson Endowed Presidential Entrepreneurship Award Fund
    Zaher-Lacouture Family Scholarship

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    Charles J. Hoff Alumni Scholarship Center

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