DifferenceMaker: Nonspec

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Seven UMass Lowell students are putting innovation in motion through their prosthetic development project, Nonspec, and they need your support.

“Our goal is to provide a low cost, durable prosthetic limb to children in developing nations. As a child develops, they outgrow their prosthetic as often as they outgrow their shoes. Even with the lowest cost prosthetics (which cost hundreds of dollars) it is impractical to provide them with the level of care we expect in this country.”

The solution is a low cost, simple device that leverages basic components to build a prosthetic that will “grow with the child”. This decreases the amount of money required for the device to be installed and increases the usable life of the prosthetic.

Through injection molding, the team plans to mass produce parts that form a “growing” limb, allowing efficient custom fitting to the patient and making it possible to provide a deployable solution to a complex problem.

With an estimated cost per unit of twenty dollars for 20,000 units, the team is aiming to raise $2,000 this semester to do the following:

  • Fund the production of prototypes for distribution to local amputees
  • Purchase stock and machine time to manufacture the pre-production line
  • Produce a mold insert capable of injection molding to allow for mass production of the limb

Please consider making a contribution in any amount to the Nonspec project. Your gift can empower these UMass Lowell students to change lives.

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Other ways to give:

Call: 978-934-2216

Mail a check
(payable to UMass Lowell) to:
Office of University Advancement
Wannalancit Business Center
600 Suffolk Street, Suite 160
Lowell, MA 01854

Please include “HH Nonspec” on the memo line.
This Project is a DifferenceMaker

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Meet the Nonspec Team:

Jonathan de Alderete (Master’s)
Erin Keaney (Master’s)
Katherine Cain (Master’s)
Brendan Donoghue ’14
Sean Gibson ’14
Olivia Keane (Master’s)
Tucker Holiday (Master’s)

University Advancement

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