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Get Up, Get Out and Get @That

“I am passionate about this idea because I know that what has made my experience at UMass Lowell amazing so far has been the social and professional opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to find on campus.” Kevin Doherty ’14, Founder

@That is an idea inspired by senior psychology major Kevin Doherty’s experience as a student leader at UMass Lowell. Coming to campus as an “average” high school student, Kevin has found academic and professional success by getting involved. He has held six separate officer positions in five different clubs and has played a part in creating two successful clubs, currently serving as president for both.

“I feel that not enough students are aware of the opportunities in and around campus that can play a huge role in shaping their college experience. Through @That, I hope to encourage a more active campus environment by offering a focused advertising platform for clubs, programs, faculty, administrators, and local businesses.”

How It Works

Once the app is built, students will have the capability to log-in to their @That accounts to access and sign-up for campus events. Attendance will be attached to a points system, awarding a higher amount of points for events with a greater social or health impact.

“For example, going to a coffeehouse open mic night would be worth fewer points than helping out at a soup kitchen, but every event is worth something because the goal is to get students active and out of their residence halls,” Kevin explains.

Points received through event attendance translate into prizes, which will incentivize social behavior through events that create a better campus-community.

How You Can Help Make It Happen

Kevin hopes to raise $2,000 this fall that will help him build a conceptual prototype of the @That app, sponsor a few promotional events on campus to test the feasibility, and develop marketing materials for launch.

Please consider making a contribution that will help this young entrepreneur bring UMass Lowell students together for a more engaging and rewarding undergraduate experience.

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Other ways to give:

Call: 978-934-2216

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Please include “HH @That” on the memo line.
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