Commonwealth Honors Program

Scholarship Rises

When Professor James Canning, Ph.D. took over direction of the Honors Program, he mapped out an ambitious plan designed to give his students a well-rounded educational experience.

In his own words: “Our goal for the Honors Program is to nurture, encourage, and affirm creativity within the hearts and minds of our students, strengthen reading, writing, presentation, and critical thinking skills and foster a sense of community and social responsibility. With a strong base of supporters, I know we can continue to meet these goals and enrich the academic experience of UMass Lowell’s ambitious and bright students.”

This semester, Jim hopes to take the curriculum off campus, giving the students a chance to visit the theater together, explore the historic aspects of the community and represent UMass Lowell locally.

With a contribution in any amount to the Honors Program, your gift can help Professor Canning change the lives and the perspectives of UMass Lowell’s best and brightest students.

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Other ways to give:

Call: 978-934-2216

Mail a check
(payable to UMass Lowell) to:
Office of University Advancement
Wannalancit Business Center
600 Suffolk Street, Suite 160
Lowell, MA 01854

Please include “HH Honors” on the memo line.
View photos from the Honors Program Fall Harvest event.

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